About us

LL beachwear

LL Beachwear was founded by Lisa Lobbes, a creative young woman whose vision forms the core of the brand. Drawing on her experiences and observations during her travels abroad, Lisa noticed a lack of variety and originality in the beachwear market. This realization ignited her determination to create beachwear that would bring a fresh perspective and better representation to the industry.

Lisa comes from a creative family where she was exposed to her mother’s talent for making clothes from a young age. Inspired by her mother’s craftsmanship, Lisa developed a deep passion for fashion and dreamed of building her own beachwear brand.

At LL Beachwear, the focus is on delivering high-quality, classical designs that exude elegance and attention to detail. Lisa’s keen eye for design allows her to infuse her creations with a unique touch. With LL Beachwear, she is ready to leave her mark on the beachwear industry.