Frequently Asked Questions

Please read some of our most frequently asked questions below. In case these don’t answer your question right away, don’t hesitate to contact us on


How long does it take to receive my order?

Our goal is to have our products in stock as constantly as possible, so that they are always available for ordering. After we have shipped your order, the delivery time is two to three work days for orders within Europe, or a maximum of 14 days for orders outside of Europe. The product pages notify you when certain sizes of a product are temporarily not in stock. In the rare situation that you order a product that’s unexpectedly not in stock, our customer service will inform you of the adjusted delivery time as soon as possible. When you’re not happy with the adjusted delivery time, you are free to cancel the order. 


Can I return/exchange my order?

Yes – all unworn items can be returned within 14 days after delivery. You can choose to receive your money back, or exchange the product for a different one. Returns need to be registered via our email address Returns can be send to the following address: 

      Broeker Werf 6
      1721 PC Broek op Langedijk

Please note that returns need to be stamped sufficiently – any additional costs will be charged to the customer. 


How do I keep my LL swimsuits elegantly looking?

Being swimwear rather than regular clothing, your LL swimsuit needs to deal with things such as salty sea water, sun, chlorine and sand. By selecting high quality fabrics and water resistant materials, we did our part in preventing the above factors from impacting your swimsuit too much. Besides materials, the way you treat your swimsuit is of importance to the quality preservation of it. In order to treat and love your swimsuit best, please read our washing instructions below. 

  • Before you take your first dive in the pool, rinse your LL swimsuit with cold water. In this way your swimsuit will be less affected by the chlorine. 
  • After your swimsuit has been in contact with either chlorine or salty water, rinse with cold water first, before washing with soap. 
  • Hand washing your swimsuit is the best way to clean it: the washing machine or dryer might damage the fabric. Preferably use uncolored, mild soap to avoid heavy chemicals from affecting your swimsuit. 
  • Let your swimsuit dry naturally but avoid the sun or any heat source. We’d hate for your LL swimsuit to change its pretty color. 
  • When your swimsuit is wet, don’t put in a closed bag or your laundry basket. We all need to breathe, so does your swimsuit. 
  • Give it time to dry properly! All the more reason to treat yourself to another LL Beachwear swimsuit: while the one is having its beauty sleep, the other gets flaunting time. Why take a rest from being your most elegant self? We got you covered!


Can I order a mixed swimset? 

Yes – all tops and bottoms are sold separately, making it possible to combine them in whatever way you like. Mind that some of the sets are reversible, creating even more wear options (and therefore even more fun!)


I received my LL swimsuit, but the color seems different than shown in the picture. How is that possible?

The colors of the swimsuits can deviate from the colors that your computer monitor displays. Unfortunately, this is insurmountable. With textiles, the color is determined by the reflection of light, whereas on a computer screen the color is determined by enlightened pixels. The type of monitor, the settings of the monitor and whether you are checking the products during day- or nighttime, are all factors that determine the color display of the swimsuit. Therefore it might be possible that the color of the garment slightly differs from what you expected. We try our best to keep the deviation as minimum as possible, but unfortunately cannot guarantee the color of the swimsuit.


Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to?  

You most certainly can! In order to stay updated of the latest news, collections and special offers we happily add you to our mailing list – please subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email address right down below