MARILYN MONROE BIKINI TOP – For the confident woman who loves a little versatility.

The Marilyn bikini top – our most revealing bikini top yet evenly classy. The top is fully printed with our white logo pattern, however reversible and therefore the most versatile of all tops. Marilyn’s twin sister is all black, but around the sides of the triangle pads you’ll find a sneak peek of our LL Beachwear logo pattern. With the two wear options, Marilyn offers a both classical and extravagant look, so you can let your mood decide which to wear when. 


It’s the perfect bikini top for sunbathing, since it has long thin threads that can easily be loosened and adjusted. The thread ends have gold-plated details, to give them an elegant touch. The triangle breast pads can be adjusted in size and therefore coverage, and you fasten the bikini at the back by knotting the threads. 

The model is wearing size M

Composition: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane